Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas Day

I tidied up the living room,
I tinselled up the hall,
balanced light-decked Christmas tree
and hoped it wouldn't fall.

Presents neatly wrapped, I stacked -
artistically I'm sure -
and just when I had got it right,
my husband found some more.

Eventually I got to sleep,
the buzzing in my brain
shuffled off to slumber land.
Recharge... and breathe again...

Then up again before the dawn
and ever since, I'm sure
I haven't stopped to draw a breath,
I haven't seen the floor.

The living room was tidy,
the house was dusted through,
but what with paper, boxes, toys,
there's such a lot to do.

I think next year I'll leave it.
We'll all go far away -
and mess up someone else's house.
Hoorah for Christmas day.

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